fashion in film

Like most people, I’m guessing, I enjoy sitting down and watching a film- whether it be Clueless or Star wars. You spend an hour and a half (on average) invested in a story line and that is that. But films are just something we watch- they inspire books, ways of speaking and most importantly: fashion. … More fashion in film

you do you

In all honesty, I am not the nicest person out there. Fact. I’m sarcastic and moody and rude and brutal with my words- which begs the question ‘how do I have friends?’ I even proposed this question to a friend the other day who explained that even though I might not be an incarnation of … More you do you


It’s finally February- but the weather doesn’t seem to have got the memo. Despite us falling further into 2018 and edging closer and closer to spring, it is still cold, windy and dull outside. I understand that the idea of layering may seem scary conjuring up images of frumpiness and layers of brown, heavy coats but … More Layering

How to stay warm when the sun does not come out.

The weather seems to be ridding a rollercoaster. One day it maybe rainy and windy, the next snowy and calm. However, one recurring trend is the bitter chill in the air that seems forever present even if the sun is making a brief appearance. The problem lies with the belief that being warm compromises style and … More How to stay warm when the sun does not come out.


I admit, when I was younger the term ‘Vintage’ made me grimace. To me it was code for old and smelly. I stuck to the belief that something vintage would not go in my wardrobe, be ancient and be made poorly.  However, one day after my mother took me to see a theatrical production of … More Vintage 

The January blues 

At this somewhat boring time of year, when all the festivities are over, the cold weather is just boring and your whole life seems as if it has just kind of stopped with your days short and seeming to revolve around your new years resolutions, I search desperately for something to occupy myself with and … More The January blues