Looking after you

Style is just an extension of well-being. It lifts your mood and confidence, which in my opinion makes you glow. But, like me, I expect others forget the importance of taking a few hours to pamper and care for your skin and body. However, you should try your hardest to set about ten minutes aside a … More Looking after you


When I was younger, everything was pink. My dresses, shoes, Babygro’s and blankets. It was the staple colour for a baby girl. However, now I find friends who hate the colour or the stereotypes that come with it. I even found myself apologising when I told people that it was my favourite colour. In todays culture, … More pink

The art of fashion

When I think about fashion being an Art form, I think back to two quotes from high school, the first is in the play ‘an inspector calls’ in which one of the characters decides that cloths mean “Something different to a woman” and he then goes on to refer to it as a form of adornment. … More The art of fashion

Seven utterly fabulous, fashionable reads for the stylish book worm.

With summer approaching and the thought of lounging in the suns rays, engrossed in a book, I began searching for new additions for my bookshelf. However, boxing up and re-arranging old and new books alike made me rediscover some old favourites that had me hooked from chapter one. low expectations by Elizabeth Aaron is a … More Seven utterly fabulous, fashionable reads for the stylish book worm.

fashion in film

Like most people, I’m guessing, I enjoy sitting down and watching a film- whether it be Clueless or Star wars. You spend an hour and a half (on average) invested in a story line and that is that. But films are just something we watch- they inspire books, ways of speaking and most importantly: fashion. … More fashion in film