The transition.

Autumn might not be in full swing but sadly summer is definitely coming to an end-to-end which begs the question :what are we supposed to wear?  Although, in principal suede boots and chunky wool scarfs are lovely, they are not suitable for the wet but still warm(ish) British weather.  Suede boots might not be an … More The transition.

The new season 

Autumn/ winter is upon us. It may seem like I claim every season to be my favourite, but with the new and existing trends that decorated the run-ways, what’s not to love?  Like summer, pink is still everywhere in all shades but head to toe red and cool blue are also appearing in many collections … More The new season 

Personal style 

Fashion is a way of saying who you are with-out having to speak. My clothes reflect that I am a carefree, slightly bitchy young woman who absolutely adores the colour pink. Although that might not be what you want your style to show, your clothes still speak for you.  First impressions are not when you … More Personal style 

Wardrobe staples 

The transition between the two seasons is hard. We have pieces we still want to wear but that do not match the upcoming trends, and therefore, you have to go and buy a load more clothes. Not only is this time consuming but it also wastes money. To make the changes in style easier, I … More Wardrobe staples