Embroidery and the perfect handbag 

Summer, at least for me, is a dreamy, lacy affair and so is its fashion. 

A big trend this summer and more seasons to come is embroidery. I personally love it because it adds a bit of femininity to any piece and, like most trends I feature on here, can be worn by anyone with any style. Embroidery is great for perfecting the boho trend or can be used to give a twist to distressed jeans. 

It is also very easy to incorporate it into a garment you already own, you simply need to buy an embroidery patch and stitch it on to the fabric (which requires minimal sewing skills) 
The perfect handbag honestly makes any outfit. Obviously everyone wants something different in a bag, especially size wise but my main tips are as follows: 

  • Go for neutral colours 
  • Have multiple straps 
  • Make sure the organiser pockets are the right size for what you will be using them for 
  • Stick to one coloured bags 
  • Buy from a brand or designer you trust 
  • If it is rather expensive, buy a similar bag and monitor your use to see if it is worth purchasing the real one 
  • Do not buy bags that are too similar 
  • If you find the ‘perfect bag’ buy it in other colours that you wear

“Honey, people will always stare just make it worth their while” 


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