Bralettes and palazzo pants

The recent hot hot weather has, for most, been q chance to relax, tan and enjoy life.

Somwthing I love about the hot weather is its clothing possibilites for as the temperature climbs morw of our bodies are revealed.

Body’s and bralettes are perfect for the summer as they are cool and very stylish, not to mention able to double as swimming atire. These garments can also work with anyones style, pairing with jeans as well as skirts and shorts.

My only problem with body’s or bralettes is the questionable tan lines they cab give you, so if you are in the sun for an extended amount of time, choose something with a less intricate shape.

When tpu think of summer, you cant not think of flowing skirts, lace shirts and my personal favourite: the palazzo pant. One of the only trousers to flatter and suit any shape or size.
The flowing length elongates the leg and hides any insecurities. This garment is also very wearable, working with practically any shoe, from a trainer to a platform or occasion wether it is having lunch, the office or even date night.

If you do chose to invest in a pallazo pant, opt for lighter fabrics and colours, which drape well and keep you cool in the hotter weather.
Remember to try before you buy with this garment as the lenght is key.

“Honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while”


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