Holiday packing tips 

So the glorious summer months are fast approaching which also means our vacations and holidays await. However one of the main stresses of getting away is packing with a sense of organisation that is in keeping with weight limits, therefore I decided to compile a list of tips for packing:

  • Wear bulkier items on the journey to stop them taking up too much precious space.
  • Roll items of clothing to save space.
  • Vacuum pack garments 
  • Make a pack list and stick to it 
  • Decanter your toiletries into smaller bottles 
  • Purchase products that have multiple uses 
  • Hand wash underwear whilst on holiday so you can pack less 
  • Buy items/ products once you arrive at your destination 
  • Plan a capsule wardrobe 
  • Use handbag organisers in your make up bag 
  • Take many accessories to change up outfits 
  • Pack the bulkier items first and fill the gaps with smaller items 

    “Honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while” 


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