Sheer panels and mint 

Sheer is beautiful and very easy to incorporate into any outfit. It also suits any style and body shape, making it completly universal. 

My favourite thing about sheer is the versatility and how perfect it is as it shows skin without showing skin. 

Anyone can wear sheer, just do not wear it in excess and I don’t advice wearing it to close to the bust. 
Mint is also a big trend for summer and yes, I know pastels in summer isn’t revolutionary idea but mint is not as often worn as pastel pink or lilac. 

Like sheer, mint suits everyone and can be worn by any body type. 

Mint is a lovely summer colour as it is light and will keep the wearer cool. To wear this colour, which is quite hard to do, pair it with neutral colours. 

If you are not comfiest enough to wear it in larger garments you could look for handbags or scarf in the pretty hue. 
“Honey, people will always stare so make it worth their  while” 


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