Head to toe white and sunset eyes

White is absolutely perfect for summer, it is classy, cool and very versatile. Anyone can wear white, which is the perfection of it all.

It is rathet easy to incorporate the colour into any outfits even if it is simply a white stripe top.

Head to toe white channels a haute couture vibe and if done correctly can look expensive.

If you would prefer not to dress completly in the colour you can break it up with netural pieces and natural tones.


Although I don’t tend to talk about make up, I couldn’t not mention the beauty of sunset eyeshadow.

It works so well as it suits all skin tones and can be vibrant or pale depending on your mood.

It may take some practice to get it perfect but once mastered it is very easy.

There are also many tutorials on the Internet which makes it even easier to incorporate.


“Honey, people will always stare so make it worth thier while.”


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