A wardrobe classic and gold heels

Every wardrobe needs a few key items like a white shirt or black skirt but one item never mentioned is a classic jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are perfect for those who do not enjoy wearing dresses but can still be feminine. They are also versatile, able to suit any occasion from a walk to a wedding, which is what makes it so classic.

Purchasing a jumpsuit in a neutral colour allows it to be so wearable as it can be paired with any other peice or assesorie.

A jumpsuit is like a blank canvas and allows you to experiment with any trend.


The pretty punk trend is still popular, which brings me to my next piece- gold heels. This may sound like a daunting prospect but is not. Similar to the jumpsuit, they can be worn with almost any style from girly to Tom boy.

Gold shoes can a time as a neutral or statemental depending on what it is paired with which means you will receive a lot of wear from them ( andoes complements).


“Honey, people will always stare just make it worth thier while.”


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