Natural hair and ruching

Although this is a blog about style, I rarely mention hair which I thought I would correct. For the past year or so I religiously straighten my naturally wavy hair because I was so unhappy with it.

When I recently visited my hairdresser she showed me the damage I was doing to my hair as I didn’t use a heat spray. After that I purchased a spray and continued to straighten it when a few weeks ago, my straighteners refused to work and therefore I had to wear my hair naturally. Not only did I recive many compliments but I noticed the difference in my hair.

So I made the decision to continue wearing it naturally which has prompted me to write this: natural hair is prettier and healthier, embracing it is one of the best decision I have recently made. Do it, even if for the one day.


Another style I have loved this past week is ruching, it is subtle and simple but still adds to an outfit. It is also a very flattering detail, able to hide a multitude of sins. It has a slimming effect which means anyone can wear it in any outfit or garment.

“Honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while.”


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