A little advice

When I was younger I found myself jealous that other girls had clothes I didn’t because my mother wouldn’t buy them for me. When I got slightly older I began to understand that my mother didn’t purchase me wide belts or Flared jeans because they wouldn’t have suited me.

Sometimes accepting that a trend or colour doesn’t suit you is better than trying to wear it and making a fool out of yourself. All 3.5 billion of us are different which means we all suit different clothes and styles.

Fashion, if nothing else, is about expression and being yourself – if you are wearing something that doesn’t work for you it is simply presenting a person who doesn’t know their body well enough.

Doing what is best for you, in fashion and life, isn’t selfish it’s brave.

Always remember that there is a girl envious of your ability to wear pencils skirts just as you are envious of a friend who looks amazing in shorts.

Style is about you, how you wear a trend and how you make an item fit you.


” Honey, people are always going to stare so make it worth their while.”


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