Pretty punk and classic neckerchiefs

Block heel boots are a wardrobe staple, an item that can be worn by anyone and adds height without the difficulty of stilettos. They are on trend as a form of the summer punk style which uses band tshirts and jeans paired with glittery block heel boots and a pink handbag. Personally I adore theses boots as they can, depending on design, be worn with anything, practically anywhere due to their comfort and durability. They are also perfect for the current time of year when the weather is mild and at times rainy as they offer warmth but not in the way your winter boots do. These boot, like I said, add to the trend of girly punk which I love as it mixes feminine items with distressed denim and darker, grungier peices and is very easy to wear.


I, unlike others, am celebrating the return of the neckerchief to the runway which along with its aesthetic qualities is perfect for the currently mild but not sunny enough for no coat weather meaning you can wear your leather jacket without feeling the breeze as much. They are also classic and hold many uses like headscarf, belt and even wrapped around the handle of a bag. These gorgeous peices of stylish fabric can also tie into the punk trend if worn through a belt loop of around the head.

“Honey, people are always going to stare so make it worth their while”.


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