tailoring and platform heels

one word; summer.

The increase in temperature and presence of the sun is making me desperately excited for the pinnacle of the season.

However whilst the weather is still sporadic and my umbrella is still in my hand bag every day we can only look forward.

Gucci was a source of inspiration for this weeks post with their classic tailoring, clashing colours and eccentric platforms. Productivity and commitment to work is supposed to increase during the springtime and with that news I decided that writing about office attire was inevitable.

Although the classic suits I am referencing are stereotypically work wear I adore the idea of bring this to everyday.

In the spring/summer collection Gucci showcased they mixed tailoring with sequined platforms and patterned shirts giving the suit a new edge and transferring it to the streets. I completely understand that when deciding what to wear on a girls night out a suit would be your last choice because you want to look like you tried, however the humble suit allows for a lot of fun- for example I love mixing my black cropped blazer and 3 quarter length drainpipe trousers with a ruffled gingham shirt, fuchsia platform sandals and a studded clutch and I even found myself tying the shirt in a knot under the bust and rolling the legs of said trousers the other (which received many complements).

this trend isn’t just suited to the universal trousers suit and can be beautiful with a skirt suit if you wish to add a touch of femininity.

Not only that but the platform is a perfect partner for this trend- it is comfortable allowing one to be on their feet for prolonged periods of time and has the added advantage of having more grip that the average stilettoes.

“honey people will always stare, so make it worth their while.”        


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