This post, when compared to my previous posts, is rather peculiar. Normally my content is the latest trends and how to wear them however it seems odd to waffle on about fashion when the origin of style of personality and confidence.

In recent days a few people told me I should work on confidence, in regards to public speaking and how I conduct myself. On review of this advice I was absentmindedly reading an article entitled ‘8 things confident girls don’t do’. The first few points were acceptable- implying confidents girls never avoid work-outs or disrespect their bodies- however then the notions became a bit more controversial. The final idea was that confident girls ‘ are never insecure’.

personally I disagree with this notion, every woman regardless of age, size and race will get insecure about themselves. as humans we mentally exaggerate flaws in ourselves and even create flaws. We are too self critical and regardless of self-confidence.

Although confidence is key it is difficult to find and therefore can change perspectives.


Every women needs to understand that they are beautiful. The body you have may not be perfect but it is your imperfections that distinguish one another and make each individual beautiful. Attractiveness does not simply favour the skinny or the rich.   

For every time you look at another women’s long legs or small waist someone else will admire you hair or adore your skinny arms.

You ARE beautiful and fashion is just an extension of you good-looks

“honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while”.


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