Bardot’s and speaking t-shirts

The shoulder is still on show as this trend (the exposed shoulders) is season less and something we are still in love with. this is a trend anyone can pull off and is so versatile, this isn’t a trend that requires a certain body type or dressing preference because it can be tomboyish and worn as a baggy t-shirt, girly with ruffles or bright colours or masculine in the form of a crisp white shirt. This is also an amazing way to incorporate another trend i.e. a striped maxi dress with Bardot neck or even simply adding the colour pink to your wardrobe with an off-the shoulder long sleeve shirt.


Nike and Adidas have been printing mottos and slogans on their garments for years and this has now become a trend. Many plain outfits can become much more interesting if you switch a white t-shirt for a white t-shirt with a word or phrase printed on the bust. This is also another universal trend that suits anyone and can match any personal style and is a lovely way to spread a joke or just to make people wonder what the relevance of “L A 1938”.

“Honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while”


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