pattern clashing

Pattern clashing and print mixing are an art that require practice. however if perfected can look effortless and are a way to nail mores trends at once.

My favourite combinations are stripes with florals and polka dots with Aztec prints. To achieve a put-together look rather than an outfit that screams ” I GOT DRESSED IN THE DARK” you need a unifying colour in the prints. therefor if you were mixing florals and polka dots the dots and flowers or backgrounds need to be the same colour.

For the more fashion cautious it is easier to begin with neutral and monochrome colours which will be easier to pull off and can create a lovely minimalistic vibe perfect for work.

clashing monochrome prints also allows you to add splashes of colour like statement fuchsia heels or a mint hand bag which will draw your wardrobe from the depths of winter.

the trick to this bold statement is to not go overboard , so do not wear more than 2 prints at a time or if all the prints are neutral colours or very simple patterns.

personally I adore this way of dressing as it looks classy, fashionable and once mastered is completely effortless and gives more versatility to a small or capsule wardrobe. pattern mixing   also works on everyone and allows you to wear last seasons animal print  with this seasons stripes .

a sophisticated alternative that can and will work for anyone.

“honey, people will always stare so make it worth their while”


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