Gingham and polka dots

The new season is officially upon us; break out your lean legs and sunhats for the warm weather is here!

in case you didn’t receive the memo, Gingham is huge this season. This pattern is everywhere- skirts, tops, trousers, shoes, coats and even handbags. colour is also injected to this pattern and seeing as pink is also a trend this season try pairing the two for a chic, spring ensemble. My only qualm with this trend is it requires a lot of thought as wearing with denim can create a cowgirl-look more worthy of a fancy dress party than a meal with your friends. Try wearing with tailored pieces i.e. under a suit or with some drainpipe trousers.


polka dots are also huge this season, making a comeback after many seasons hiding from the spotlight, so to speak. They not only create a timeless pattern but can also be used to create texture. Personally, I adore polka dots as they are classy and suit everyone. To create a ‘couture’ look, mix polka dot size and colour or play with pops of other patterns like florals or stripes- both big trends for spring/summer.

“honey people will always stare, so make it worth their while”


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