denim and ruffles

spring is nearly upon us, and yes I have been making this point for many weeks but the warm weather is something I am really looking forward to along with the new trends that accompany it.

At the moment  I am loving the double denim ‘look’ in the form of a suit. I have seen many people wear double denim over the past season but adore the idea of making it more classy by incorporating it into a suit. I adore the idea of straight jeans and a peplum denim jacket ( which is very good at flattering the stomach)paired with a classic white shirt . It is a nice alternative to the standard office attire and transitions much better from day to night.

ruffles is also another huge trend this season featuring greatly in tops and skirts along with prints. ruffles can make an asymmetrical hem-line which creates a more sophisticated look which is perfect for the new season. if you don’t wish to wear complete ruffles in the form of a skirt or dress look for tops that feature them across the neckline, hem or down the side of a garment. this trend plays on the Victorian vibe which also encompasses lace, sheer and florals.


“honey people will always stare, so make it worth their while”


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