spring/ summer 2017

The warm weather and carefree attitudes of summer are so close and with the new season comes the new fashion.

  • Stripes are a must have this season. especially those inspired by the bold pattern on many deckchairs. This mix of small and large stripes is nicknamed “seaside stripes” and are already appearing in shops.
  • The off- the-shoulder is still present but this time it is only one shoulder on show. This calls for asymmetrical sleeves and cut-out.  
  • White dresses, especially in the form of a white shirt are extremely popular this year and can fit a number of occasions.
  • The trench coat is making a comeback! However it has had a slight makeover with large buckles, asymmetrical hems and fabrics like leather.
  • Pink, the love of my life and in any shade. Even if it is only in the form of your scarf or socks it is still perfect for summer.
  • Sheer/ lace is also a spring staple as it is cool to wear and stylish. Weather you wear it head to toe or on the neckline of your top it is undeniably perfect for the upcoming months
  • Words and slogans are also appearing on our tops and bags- perfect for giving strangers an excuse to stare at your chest or to reveal a snippet of your personality?
  • ” Florals, in spring, ground-breaking”? however they will always scream warmth and holidays. either feminine and bright  or gothic and dark- both are perfect for the new season.
  • The love affair continues with sequins and sparkle as they continue to be everywhere on the catwalks and for good reason, they are perfect for garden parties or to add something to an otherwise plainer outfit.


“Honey people will always stare, so make it worth their while”


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