everyday dresses and statement jewellery


To me, wearing a dress feels lazy if I don’t dress it up and accessories it. However they are a massive problem solver and are extremely versatile.

Dresses, although a simple shape, need to fit properly which can be a task since we are women and the size of our hips are not directly proportional to your chest or waist. one thing I must stress is the hemline of a dress is extremely important, if is too short and it requires a “pull down” every few minutes it can effect the shape of the dress and cause the fabric to stretch. personally I prefer knee-length dresses and believe that whatever height you are a knee length dress will be appropriate. For those blessed with longer legs it wont be too short and those who are a little shorter it will not become a tripping hazard.

dresses are very versatile, especially if they are a block colour or plain pattern. A plain dress is like a blank canvas and allows you to wear intricate shoes or very ‘crazy’ jackets. dresses allow you to experiment and let you wear those heels you bought a year ago, haven’t worn yet but cling to in the hope you will wear them one day.


jewellery can also impact an outfit and this season statement jewellery is very on trend. large necklaces, double rings and chunky bangles can finish an outfit.

personally, I am really loving thick gold or silver jewellery in the form of plain or embellished bands around the neck or wrist which give any plain outfit a more sophisticated look and are lovely for injecting class into your work closet without the possibility of losing or damaging your favourite jewellery at the office.


“honey people will always stare, so make it worth their while”     


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