statement heels and bralettes

It still isn’t spring however I am still hopeful and demonstrating this optimism through my spring inspired wardrobe.

this week I purchased some lace platforms and have instantly began realising the possibilities and how much I enjoy their power. statement heels are really perfect at being creative but versatile and always manage to look high-end due to their intricate design. creative footwear is lovely with your somewhat dull work outfits or LBD/LWD. I understand that colourful, intricate heels are not for everyone however I do suggest investing in a “jazzed-up” heel as they really are something everyone will wear, if only once (very unlikely).


Underwear. the clue may be in the name, however this season we are choosing to ignore this, and surprisingly it works, especially in the form of bralettes . whether they are worn over white t-shirts for a grunge vibe or with a midi skirt and denim jacket for off duty chic, I love the summery feel of this trend and how it suits and can be designed to suit and fit everyone.


“honey people are always going to stare, so make it worth their while”


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