white dresses and killer trench coats

That miserable period is upon us. That odd point when the seasons are changing and we have no idea weather to reach for our winter coats or spring jackets. this bafflement is completely understandable- one day is it is glorious sunshine, the next my walk to work is freezing and on a snow littered path, it also seems fitting that the days it snows I am only armed with a thin leather jacket and those sunny spring like days, I have a puffer jacket along with a hat, glove and scarf set!

However, I have decide to take an optimistic approach to this crazy weather and look forward to the spring.

Therefore I want to embrace spring summer trends and wear them for a long time.

The white dress is key to nailing the new season. The LWD screams summer and suits practically any event you could be invited to. Even though these few months are not technically spring, I am still going to honour its trends starting from now. I adore how put together a white dress feels and the colour combinations are endless. Jack frost is still nipping at our toes, therefore pairing this with a faux fur jacket is perfect to combine the two current seasons.


I am also in love with the trench coat, a perfect staple for the upcoming rainy months. However this seasons trench is new and  daring. A flouncy structure paired with large buckles, exciting textures and even prints will make the rain a little less mediocre.  


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