party pearls and pinstripe trousers

Pearls. The epitome of middle class, middle aged women.

Not anymore for pearls have had a make over and are the perfect accessory for your party dresses and midi skirts. Although pearls are simple when worn correctly they can change the feel and vibe of an outfit. Pearled sunglasses are a must have for the up-coming season. To keep your pearls fresh and original, look for pearl embellished t-shirts or if you want pearl jewellery go for mixed metals and creative head pieces.


Another staple I have loved this past week is my classic black and white pinstripe trousers. A classy daytime alternative that is just a tad more stylish than your regular black trousers. Recently I have paired it with my transparent white shirt or my white velvet crop top. This outfit plays to the current trend of masculine tailoring which I love or if you wish to make it more girly you could pair it with stilettos or a faux fur coat.

“honey, people are always going to stare just make it worth their while”. 


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