velvet and classic white shirts

Christmas is over and the new year is upon us, so lets begin 2017 dressed to perfection.

Although the same trends as 2016 are still the same the promise of new year and more importantly a fresh “start” requires us to be creative with our clothes.

velvet is a large trend this year and last. It’s elegant and edgy which fits the trend of “dark night”. As velvet is a fabric it can be paired with prints and patterns to create a high end look, perfect for parties and the odd gatherings people organise to fill this time of year. I enjoy pairing light velvet bomber jackets with embroider dresses.

Along with velvet, I am also loving the classic white shirt. It may not have featured on the runway for a while but I love how this classic has the ability to be reinvented and works with practically all trends. It is practical and appropriate, meaning it can and will work for anybody. I like wearing my white shirt with faux fur coats in winter and skinny trousers for a sophisticated look. Plain white shirts, although easy to wear, can be boring so if you wish to be more original one can pick a cropped white shirt or one heavily embellished.

happy new year

“honey, people will always stare just make it worth their while” 




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