sequins and statement heels

It is December!

December is festive and fun, which means one of many things: parties, gatherings and occasions.

Party wear is always creative and interesting which is why we love it so much.

This season your occasion dresses should be sparkly, sequined, metallic and embellished. Sequins is a trend worth nailing and investing in, for it seems to transition into each season perfectly and it can be manipulated to work for everyone and anyone.


Statement heels! The perfect accessory for your metallic cocktail dress or sequined playsuit. Statement heels aren’t just your fuschia  stilettos, they are creative, colourful, embellished and intricate. From 40 straps to 40 jewels, there is a statement heel to suit every girl and her party dress.

You can pair daring heels with a black cigarette trouser and graphic tee to create a smart casual crossover, perfect for lunch with your friends or you can wear your creative stilettos to work in order to inject a bit of power into your boring, everyday  work suit. bog-shoes


Metalics and crazy heels are perfect together or as the centre piece of your outfit, therefore perfect for all of you style bitches!


“honey people will always stare, just make it worth their while.”




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