knitwear and miniskirts

The weather is getting colder which means something great: knitwear!

Knitwear is a life saver for the colder months but still as chic as new season louboutins. My preferred style of knitwear is cropped, it is great for layering and isn’t as baggy as traditional wool jumpers. I tend to purchase  lighter coloured sweaters  however I have seen some beautiful darker coloured pieces in the shops recently.

Wool products are always perfectly on trend in autumn and winter but to keep it stylish I adore wearing jumpers with words and slogans on or you can find knitwear with hard ware as metal accents are great at injecting a bit of edge into a classic.

Although the winter months are approaching, I have regularly found myself donning a miniskirt. They are cute, trendy and great at elongating your legs and still maintain a dressy feel with tights. Miniskirts also team very well with jumpers and knitwear for a more relaxed feel.

My only qualm with mini skirts is length, if they are shorter by even a centimetre they can look to short and not as elegant. To keep your miniskirt from crossing the border into tarty town, make sure the hemline is were the tips of your fingers are if you place your arms by your side.

“honey, people will always stare, just make it worth their while”




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