faux fur and autumn leaves

This past week I have been obsessing over faux fur, it’s cosy, it’s cute and it’s very on trend. Therefore there is no reason not to love it.

Faux fur combines class and warmth to create the perfect autumn coat. because I prefer lighter colours I have been wearing pink and white coloured faux fur, however you can purchase it in many colours. Because fur is quite a big statement I have paired it with plainer pieces. If you don’t wish to be too dramatic and wear a whole faux fur coat I recommend looking for jackets with fur collars or lines hoods.

Faux fur can also be purchased in scarf form which is perfect for warmer autumn days, when the sun makes a break through the clouds.

This past week has also seen a lot of my black cigarette trousers. I normally don’t wear masses of black but I have worn the trouser a lot lately. They work really well at slimming the leg and giving my outfits a more sophisticated twist.

Black trousers are very versatile and look great with heels of flats, making them perfect for many occasions. 

“Honey, people are going to stare just make it worth their while.”


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